Monday, 11 December 2017

Campden site - Tuesday 12th December

We anticipate that the Campden site will re-open for staff and visitors on Tuesday 12th December - thanks to the hard work of the engineering team in clearing around 8 inches of snow on the site roads and car parks. However, the  Christmas lunch planned for Tuesday 12th will now take place on Friday 15th December.

If this status changes, a further update will be posted. Thank you to visitors and staff for your understanding.

Both the Nutfield and Leamington Spa sites will be open on Tuesday 12th.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Campden BRI sites at Chipping Campden, Leamington Spa and Nutfield

Due to heavy snow the Chipping Campden site will be closed Monday 11 Dec 2017. If there is a significant thaw and conditions change, an update will be posted.

The Leamington Spa site will be open but staff should each assess their journey based on their own local conditions, and only travel if safe to do so.  If the situation changes, a further update will be posted.

The Nutfield site will be open. If this changes, a further update will be posted. Again, take care when travelling.